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Commercial Real Estate: An Investor Necessity


Investors are always searching for ways to diversify and grow their investments for better retirement outcomes. If you are not investing, or you are not investing in commercial real estate you are putting your financial future at risk.

Investing in private commercial real estate offers a powerful source of diversification to help bolster excellent returns while controlling your preferred risk profile.

Reduced Portfolio Volatility.This means there is a low correlation of commercial real estate to stocks and bonds. (Source: S&P 500 and the Barclays US Aggregate Bond Inices.)

Consistent Performance.The ability to attain less volatility and more predictable returns.

Increased Downside Protection.There were fewer quarters of negative total returns than in stocks or bonds since 1980. (Source: Total returns derived from the NCREIF-ODCE, S&P 500 and the Barclays US Aggregate Bond Indices, 1980-2012)

Close to 50% of the population has no financial goals or fails to attain their goals for retirement. You can no longer rely on hope or an investment strategy with only one investment asset in it. Look to commercial real estate for passive to active investments.